Posted by: workforcookies | March 22, 2010

Kids Cook Monday

I’ve been cooking meatless meals every Monday for a while now in support of the Meatless Monday campaign. It’s a great cause that not only helps the environment, but can help families save money and get healthier. If you want to find ideas for meatless meals to try out this Monday (and the next, and the next…) check out the Cookie Sheet. If you want to find ideas for healthy meals that you can cook with your kids, check out Kids Cook Monday—a new website from the folks at Meatless Mondays.
My niece Lindsey and I actually made a video for the premier week of Kids Cook Monday. Check it out (above) we’re making some tasty black bean tostadas—a family favorite of ours!



  1. That is great! It looks delicious. I like it that you had the recipe at the end so we can write it down. Great talent, ladies!

  2. OMG i cant believe i’m the little girl standing there with you I remembered the website and now we will definitely make Aunt Betsy’s Tostadas. I love you and I will see you soon!!!

  3. Wow, you’ve grown so much and it doesn’t even feel like it was that long ago. I remember having so much fun making that with you—I still love your impromptu “Spicy”! Love you bunches!

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