Posted by: workforcookies | October 16, 2009

Mr. Mom


At long last, my son is FINALLY potty trained!

I wish I could say that after three years of honing my mommy skills and ingenuity, I finally crafted the perfect solution that worked for my child and will do the same for all others, but the truth of the matter is…my husband did it!

For those of you who have been keeping up (first of all, thank you), this latest attempt was not the first we’ve made at nixing the nappies. We’ve been telling my son for a while now—a long while actually—that when the last box of diapers was through, there would be no more. So a week after we returned from summer vacation the much-anticipated last diaper was pulled from the box. My son wore it through nap time, snack time, play time and dinner. It was a wad of well-worn cotton by the time I fianly peeled it off his bottom before bedtime.

Still, I’m not sure who was more worried about reaching the bottom of the box, my son or my husband.

“Maybe we should go buy some more,” my husband whispered to me, suffering a momentary lapse of support for Team Parents.

“No,” I almost yelled. If we do that, we’ve lost our leverage. We’ll never again be able to tell him that we’ve run out, he’ll just tell us to go buy some more. (Easy for me to say, I was due to leave town within the next 72 hours.) With a deep sigh, my husband opened the super-sized box of Pull-Ups we’d bought at Costco.

“These are not diapers,” my husband said to our son.images

“Okay,” said my son, sitting on the bed, looking chipper. Clearly, his biggest fear was not realized. We weren’t putting him in underpants, we were actually giving him what looked like a diaper, only we were telling him it wasn’t REALLY a diaper. He was willing to play along.

My husband continued explaining to him that these new-fangled non-diapers called Pull-Ups were not to be tee-teed  or poopied in. I stood behind my husband in an effort to show a united front (Go Team Parents). My son kicked his feet and nodded his head, waiting for my husband to stop talking and put the diape…er…ah…Pull-Up on already!

After a short and successful sit on the potty, the Pull-Up was donned and the night proceeded much like any other. It wasn’t until the next day that my son noticed  a difference. He was playing with trains in the living room when suddenly he stood with a worried look on his face.

“Mommy, I have to tee tee,” he said.

“Ok,” I said. “Let’s go to the bathroom.

He took two knock-kneed steps toward me and it became obvious to me that it was too late, he’d already tee-teed in his Pull-Up. This sort of spill wouldn’t have bothered him in a diaper but because Pull-Ups aren’t nearly as absorbent, he could feel the wetness and he didn’t like it. (Team Parents 1/ Team Kid 0) That night he put on the night time Pull Up and the next morning I left town to take care of my sister who is battling ovarian cancer.

Over the next two weeks, my husband kept me updated on my son’s potty progress, which was going well. He was giving my son stickers every time he used the potty and the toys were piling up. Still no underpants, but it was safe to say we had a potty-trained 3-year-old.

When I came home, my suggestion of putting on underpants were met with an adamant “No” from my son. That is until I offered up the toy to trump all toys, the one I had offered up the first time I’d tried to bribe him to use the potty—Cranky Crane ($70-some-odd at Toys R Us).  I couldn’t just give Cranky away, so I told Pete that if he had three dry days in a row Cranky would be his. I printed out blank calendar from the internet and put a sticker on his first dry day. Only two accidents and less than a month later, Cranky was his.

Not too long afterward, my son turned to me and said he didn’t want to wear underpants anymore: “I already have Cranky Crane,” he reasoned.

“Oh, but you want to keep Cranky Crane, don’t you?” I countered.

“Yes,” he said, without skipping a beat. Team Parents 2/ Team Kid….well, I guess everyone is a winner here! 🙂


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