Posted by: workforcookies | July 14, 2009

Night and Day

dhg02057Most working parents have an arrangement. In our house we call it the morning parent (my husband) and the night parent (me). This means my husband wakes at 7:30 am-ish, when the kids begin to stir. He then spends the next hour before the babysitter arrives getting himself and the kids dressed and breakfast on the table. I come home at 5:30 p.m. and spend the next four hours completing the following tasks: dinnertime, playtime, bath time, bed time.
Most working parents I know also have a running argument over which shift is the hardest, morning or night. Being on the night shift, I of course (along with three friends who also have the night shift) argue that the evening hours are the most difficult. First of all, after having worked a full day, we’re exhausted. Add to that the fact that the kids are cranky enough to refuse to eat dinner, bathe or go to bed and, well, you’ve just gotten a glimpse into the night shift—did it make you want to shut your eyes real tight? My husband, of course, maintains the morning shift is the most challenging because getting the kids dressed and fed whilst trying to dress and feed himself and leave for work makes for mayhem. (To which I silently think to myself: Why not get up and get dressed before the kids wake?)
I’m happy to report that the argument, at least in my house, has finally been settled. I recently left for a two-week trip to Texas, during which my husband graciously took over the role of BOTH the morning and night parent. (God love him!) Three days into my trip we were talking on the phone and I had to ask: “Which is harder? Night time or morning?”
“Night time, no question!” he answered without skipping a beat.
So for all of you out there on the night shift who may never hear those words from your morning shift counterpart…lick your index finger then log one air point for our team!



  1. WOW!!!! Betsy…. Do we leave in the same house!!! Our lives are so similar…Is very hard… I totally understand… and you are right the night time is by FAR the hardest!!! Mike agrees too! 🙂

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