Posted by: workforcookies | March 20, 2009

When working moms collide

I missed the shuttle this morning, the one that takes me to the train that takes me to work. 

It’s supposed to stop on the corner at 7:45 a.m., but when I got out to the corner at 7:39, it had already come and gone. It was 7:44 when the crossing guard the the nearby elementary school got tired of watching me wait it out and told me that I’d missed it. Argh!!!!

I had just a few things to do this morning like shower, dry my hair, put on make up and mix the turkey meat balls we’re going to have for dinner tonight. All this took a little longer than expected because my one-year-old daughter woke up at 6:30 a.m. (She usually sleeps until 7:15 a.m.) I strapped her into her high-chair at the kitchen table with some waffles and cantaloupe then ran circles around her, chopping cilantro and applying concealer, until 6:33. That’s when I took her upstairs and passed her off to my husband (I was letting him sleep because he’s working late hours and crawled into bed  sometime after 1:30 this morning.)

I’d done my best to juggle the kids (or the one who was awake) and everything else in order to get my butt to the corner before 7:45. Which is why I was annoyed that the shuttle just blew by the shuttle stop a full six minutes before her scheduled stop. Why even have a schedule if you’re not going to follow it? Still, I feel like a hypocrite complaining. That’s because I happen to know the reason the driver races like a bat out of Hell through her runs, trying to finish them as early as possible, is that she needs to finish in time to take her son to school. When I think about her little boy having to walk into his classroom after all the other students are sitting in their desks, I feel like a schmuck complaining.

Especially when I know that I’m no better. I usually get into my office at 7:30 a.m. so I can plow through all the work on my desk and leave by 4:20 every evening in order to get home by 5:30—just in time for dinner, bath and bed with my kids.  As much as possible, I try not to let my crazy hours inconvenience my co-workers, but I suspect that on occasion my efforts fail. My schedule must have at least caused someone else who would rather take a leisurely lunch, cut their noon meal short in order to get something to me before my early departure. Maybe they’ve been inconvenienced more than that. It’s not my coworkers’ fault that I need to get home to my kids and it’s not my fault that the shuttle driver needs to take her son to school.

There has to be a better way.



  1. A good reminder of putting ourselves in the shoes of others. An annoyance can turn into appreciation and a happier day.
    Ruth Buss

  2. I agree Ruth! I think most people are doing their best. Everyone has a story and a life that motivates them.
    Ruth, I have to tell you, the librarian in Durango was so sweet and pretty. She reminded me of YOU. Her name was Rita. For about a year, I called her RUTH! Finally, I heard her introduce herself and realized what I had been doing!!

  3. The pacifer idea was great! Preston’s “Pappy” withdrawal wasn’t quite that smooth. Chris, his 19 month older brother finally called him to their room, put a hand on his shoulder, and said,”Preston, it’s time. You’re three…give it up!” I love reading about your experiences! Love you, J

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