Posted by: workforcookies | March 18, 2009

Props to the single moms out there

I just want to take time out of my schedule, which I think is ridiculously busy, to give a nod to the woman who is most certainly busier than I—the working SINGLE mom. 

My husband works in the wonderful world of sports journalism, which means that during March Madness (the collegiate basketball tournament) our house is exactly that, madness! It’s the 24-7 mommy show for the whole month with a few guest appearances from Daddy. We had one, for example, this weekend on Saturday. But on Sunday, Daddy went back to work for a nine-day stretch before his next break. I raced around the house trying to entertain the kids while cooking dinner, doing laundry and preparing for the week. Of course, that’s not too terribly different from what I do on an ordinary Sunday outside of March. The difference is knowing that if my one-year-old daughter is making a bee-line toward my two-year-old’s poopy diaper as I’m changing it, I can yell out my husband’s name at the top of my lungs and he’ll swoop down and save me—or rather save my one-year-old daughter from herself. On this particular Sunday, the best I could do was push the poopy diaper aside with my foot (yes, this prompted a Purell bath) then use my elbow to send a toy truck en route away from the danger zone. She took the bait.

Dinner was the usual—flying food, some of it landing in mouths, most of it on the floor. Then baths, I was soaked by the time I put my daughter in her crib. Books for my son then—at long last—lights out. Back downstairs, I put the food from dinner away, chopped some veggies for Monday night’s dinner, took some meat out of the freezer to thaw and a load of laundry out of the drier to fold. It was 11:30 before I crawled into bed. 

When my son cried out in need of pacifier wrangling at two in the morning, I awoke to find my husband sleeping in bed next to me.

“Mommy, I think Daddy must be home now,” my son said  to me, as I patted his sheets, in search of his Nuk

“Yes, he’s in bed sleeping,” I answered and I could see the news comforted him.

Me too.


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