Posted by: workforcookies | February 23, 2009

Why Working for Cookies?

I was putting my two-year-old son to bed one night when he asked me: “What’s happening tomorrow, Mommy?” I told him that I would be going to work and he would be going to his art class with his sister and the nanny. Then he asked me the question I’ve been asking myself ever since the moment he was born. “Why are you going to work, Mommy? Why don’t you stay home with me?”
So, I told him the truth. But, of course, I had to put it in terms a two-year-old could understand.
Me: “Well, you really like cookies, don’t you?
Him: “Oh, yes, I like cookies.”
Me: “Me too, and I want to make sure we always have as many cookies as we need. So, I go to work to make money and I use the money I make at work to buy cookies.”
Him: “You go to work and buy me cookies?”
Me: “Yes.”
Him: “Oh.” (Looking behind me for the cookies.)



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