Posted by: workforcookies | February 20, 2009

I need a blog…

I recently had dinner with a colleague whom I don’t know very well. Drinks were served, salads were ordered then she asked: “Do you have a blog?” I froze. I knew she had one, I’d been on it once or twice, wondered how she started it, why she started it and was slightly jealous that she had started it, when I’d done nothing of the sort.

As I realized the waiter wasn’t going to return in time to throw me a lifeline, I had to admit to her that in the year of 2009, I was perhaps one of the few humans on the planet without a blog. I was embarrassed. I had no blog, no purpose, no meaning to my life.  This is a feeling I couldn’t abide, so I decided to start a blog. What it’s going to be about, I’m not entirely sure. I’m still trying to find my purpose, my meaning. My suspicion is I will end up blogging quite a bit about being a working mom with two children under the age of three. So, here goes. Future awkward dinner conversations (about not having a blog, at lesat), be damned!


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